Supporting Social Enterprises in Glasgow


CEIS are very proud to work with Glasgow City Council, delivering support to social enterprises, community groups and charities on their behalf. From advice on the best legal structure to marketing strategies, a review of financial systems to business planning, we work with organisations across the city to help them become more stable or sustainable, as well helping them to pursue growth ambitions.

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As part of our commitment to continuous improvement we follow up with these clients to be able to report on the impacts we are having, and are delighted to share some highlights from our work over the last financial year.

Implementation of Support

Many clients report that they enjoy the process of working with our team. The mixture of support and challenge is in itself useful when going through a difficult period or facing an opportunity. We co-produce all of our assignments as our aim is to build capacity in the sector, not just to write amazing business plans.

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As the Business Development lead for the department, I always tell potential clients that they will have to put time into working with us, and at the end there should be nothing surprising in the final report because they will have been involved all the way through.

Has your organisation since implemented/used any aspects of the support provided?

Has your organisation since implemented/used any aspects of the support provided?

This is one of the reasons why we are able to report that almost all of our clients are able to implement changes based on our advice - it’s an unfortunate truth in the world of business support consultancy that sometimes reports, strategies and recommendations (often expensive) can lay forgotten in a drawer if the client hasn’t felt sufficient ownership. As our results show, this isn’t a problem for our clients, 100% of whom either have or will implement the recommendations.

Word Cloud recent client survey

Word Cloud recent client survey

Impacts of Support


Not only did clients report increases in income and staffing levels, but also commented on the impact our work had on their ability to deliver their social goals, like developing new services and products to their clients and being better able to understand and support their client needs.

In terms of looking to the future, 80%of respondents expect to grow their business over the next year, and 20% expect to be able to sustain current levels - this is a huge achievement and we are very proud to have played a small part in the ability of these organisations to carry on delivering their vital services across the city.

November Activity Summary

There are very few days when our whole team is in the office. We’re lucky enough to have great Flexi Time and TOIL policies and in addition to that, most of the time our works takes us to different parts of the country. Out of curiosity, we decided to map our where the clients we worked with in November are, along with the types of assignments we’ve been working on.

It looks like a lot, but we have 12 in our team, ensuring that every organisation or individual we work with gets our full attention, as well as support from different members of the team as their specialisms are called upon.

If you’d like to find out about how we can work with you, check our our case studies and please contact us.


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