Judith McVinnie

Development Consultant


  • Expert in Community Engagement 

  • Experienced Project Manager

  • Experienced Fundraiser

  • Delivers Outcomes Nationally

  • International Experience


What is your role at CEIS?

I am the Community in Community Enterprise in Scotland! What that means is that I work directly with people like you and me who live in Scotland’s communities. I develop new projects with people who want to see change - this includes everything from identifying resources, to designing the monitoring forms.

I want everyone to be involved in our communities and develop participation strategies which support engagement, often with the most challenging and excluded groups of people and individuals in our society. I work on community consultation, asset maps, and vision statements which support new work.

I’m organised and set up events, study visits and opportunities for new partnerships, collaborations and exciting co-productions. I manage a range of contracts working with partners and reporting to funding organisations regularly.

What I enjoy most about working at CEIS is that we help people make good things happen.

Watch Judith on Community Support