Kevin Smith

Business Adviser


  • Management consultancy experience for private, public and third sector organisations

  • Design and delivery of learning and development activities for directors, managers and staff

  • Design and implementation of funded projects

  • Marketing and production management for a branding agency

  • Academic and professional qualifications in marketing


What is your role at CEIS?


Joining CEIS in 2005, I work with client organisations across many different sectors – so it can be reuse/recycle in the morning, training café in the afternoon, and community asset transfer in the evening! The focus of my work tends to be supporting them to identify and progress development or growth opportunities for new enterprises, services or markets. The work itself takes many forms whether strategy development, market research, feasibility studies, business or marketing planning, as well as supporting the people leading the organisation. But many of the issues that third sector organisations face can be remarkably similar, and many of the solutions transferable, so being able to share and help apply learning from different sectors is also a key part of the job.


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