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Working with CEIS Enterprise Support allowed me to take a step back from the business and to be strategic about where we wanted to go and the best way to get there
— Robbie Norval, Founder

Si, oui, ja, da, hai - with Lingo Flamingo it’s never too late to learn a new language. So when this imaginative young company were looking for marketing support to promote its fantastic language classes for older people, CEIS were only to happy to say yes.

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Lingo Flamingo were already operating across Scotland providing dynamic, interactive language workshops for older adults. Not just a great idea and a wonderful way of bringing odder people together, Lingo Flamingo’s work is also built on solid academic research which show that learning a new language  can delay the effects of dementia and brain ageing by up to 5 years, and even help stroke recovery.

Thanks to a strong track record of grant funding and rigorous evaluation procedures, Lingo Flamingo were working well, but needed marketing support to take them to the next level of business development. Founder Robbie Norval was keen to increase the number of paying clients to ensure the sustainability of the company, but was struggling to communicate the real value of Lingo Flamingo’s classes to care home and community group clients.

As a company which demonstrated tremendous potential, and a simply superb service, CEIS were glad to be able to offer support Lingo Flamingo tailored support to develop a marketing strategy to help them shout about their great work to new clients and customers.

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CEIS adviser Anna-Marie Taylor said, “I could see immediately that Lingo Flamingo had great potential and had the right tools in place to execute a marketing plan for what is a very new and innovative service, but they needed guidance on how to define their markets and understand the most effective ways to reach them.”

Robbie agrees, “Working with CEIS Enterprise Support allowed me to take a step back from the business and to be strategic about where we wanted to go and the best way to get there. Thanks to Anna-Marie I had to do some work on my own mindset and accept the idea of charging for a service that I essentially think everyone should be entitled to anyway. I realised that in order for us to still be delivering this service in five year’s time it needs to be sustainable and self-sufficient, we simply can’t rely on grant funding.”

Founder Robbie Norval. (C) Lingo Flamingo

Founder Robbie Norval. (C) Lingo Flamingo

Anna-Marie and the team at Lingo Flamingo worked together on the marketing strategy covering potential barriers and solutions, identifying markets and pricing, and the most effective channels to use for communication and promotion.  The good news is that the strategy is working. Lingo Flamingo exceeded their sales target in the first year by almost 10%.

Robbie gives CEIS a big thumbs up, “The process was really quick and our adviser was flexible, supportive and clearly an expert in her field. Not only are we using the marketing plan right now, we feel we have the skills to evolve it in future as we continue to grow.”

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