New to Enterprise?

If you're in the third sector and new to trade and enterprise you're in the right place! Our experts can help you scope and test, project and forecast, plan, troubleshoot and evaluate your business ideas. 

We've been working with third sector organisations for almost 30 years and have a broad, deep understanding of both the social enterprise and commercial worlds. Whether you are at the ideas stages or further along, contact us to find out how we can help. 

Are you an existing charity and community group:

  • Looking for support in developing an income generating mindset?
  • Looking for ways to become more sustainable?
  • Looking to begin charging for a product or service? 
  • Interested in bidding for public sector work?

Are you brand new to social enterprise?

  • Not sure about which legal form to take?
  • Looking to understand how to develop your idea into a viable business?
  • Looking for support with business planning or board governance?
  • Interested in reducing risk and maximising your social impact?                                                      

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