Zahra Hedges

Marketing and Engagement


  • Founded, grew and sold own retail and wholesale business

  • Management experience in retail and education across public, private and third sectors

  • Managed a social enterprise through a period of significant change

  • International experience

  • CIPD Qualified

What is your role at CEIS?

I am really lucky in that I get to do a few things here at CEIS, mainly around marketing, sales and engagement. So, I deliver some workshops, often the open 'Introduction to Sales' course, but also bespoke sessions that clients request. I also advise social enterprise clients on their own marketing strategies and have recently been working on staff engagement with organisations who recognise that people are their greatest asset. Finally, I also look after the marketing and engagement for our team, so updating the website, managing our social media and - my favourite - getting out and about to actually meet people in the sector and finding out how we can help them.